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5K Run/Walk Fundraiser

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About the Event

The Chemo Divas 5K Run/Walk is an annual fundraising event held in memory of Paulette A. Steeves and her battle with cancer.  

Chemo Divas Foundation was established by Paulette's daughter & primary caregiver, Tatiana, who has made it her mission to address the racial health disparities that increase cancer death rates for thousands of women of color, just like her mother.

Paulette was an athlete her entire life and would be elated if she could be here to witness a 5K event in her honor. From winning "Most Athletic" in high school, to competing in tennis, body building, and half marathons - she never backed down from a challenge. When she was diagnosed with Stage II HTLV-1 associated Adult T-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 48 years old, she was ready to fight the disease with everything she had. 

Dawning a radiant smile on her face, she always reminded everyone that this cancer battle was just another race she'd finish one step at a time. While Paulette ultimately received her healing in heaven, her spirit continues to live on through Chemo Divas Foundation. 

If you would like to help us #CloseTheGap on racial health disparities, please join us on December 2nd in Lenora Park!


All proceeds will go to the Chemo Divas Foundation Grant Program, which provides direct financial assistance to women of color impacted by cancer.

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