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Chemo Divas Grants Available!

The Chemo Divas Foundation provides a one-time grant to patients, survivors & caregivers facing financial hardships in relation to a cancer diagnosis. Grant recipients receive support in addressing the cost of housing, utilities, transportation, food, and other expenses required to increase their chance of survivorship. Note - All recipients must reside in the U.S or a U.S. territory.

If you are a Diva in need, we invite you to apply to one of our Chemo Divas Grants based on the eligibility criteria detailed below:

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(1) Family Reach Cancer Equity Initiative (CEI) - Community Partnership

(2) Active treatment includes any treatment that is intended to cure, slow the progression, or prevent the recurrence of an individual’s cancer, such as: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, biosimilars, stem cell and bone marrow transplant, and CAR T-cell therapy.

Active treatment does not include NOT include reconstruction surgeries, long-term hormonal therapies, palliative care, or hospice care, as these are not intended to cure, slow the progression, or prevent the recurrence of cancer.

(3) Federal poverty level calculator

Individuals who receive assistance from a Chemo Divas Foundation Inc. to meet their personal needs do not generally have to pay federal income tax on the value of the assistance they receive. Receiving the Chemo Divas Foundation Grant should not affect anyone's ability to receive financial assistance from the government or affect their income taxes. 

This application is available online 24/7. For questions or concerns on the grant application process, please contact 

A special thank you to our Community Partner, Family Reach ,for their generous contribution to our grant program via their Cancer Equity Initiative! We are so grateful to Family Reach as well as the generosity of all of our donors. Thank you for helping us #CloseTheGap

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